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Re: mount: error 22 mounting ext3

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 09:28:17AM +0100, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> > The RH 7.2 drive used to be the boot drive for another system. Now I just
> > want to use it as additional storage in my RH 9 system. Hope this clarifies
> > my system problems.
> RH uses labels to identify partitions to mount (rather than using device
> names), so you will tend to have something like:-
>   LABEL=/usr   /usr  ...
> instead of
>   /dev/hda6	/usr ...
> in your fstab (NB I might have got the syntax a little wrong in the
> first one - I don't use labels myself).
> The labels applied to the partitions by the installer are directly
> related to the mount point the filesystem would use.   So if you are
> reusing a drive from another installation you may well have the same
> label on 2 partitions on different drives, with "interesting" results.
> Easiest fix is probably to replace the labels in fstab with hardwired
> device names.  Alternative is to use e2label to modify the labels used -
> or just repartition the drive you have imported.

Or use UUID's in /etc/fstab instead of Labels.  UUID's look uglier in
/etc/fstab, but they have the advantage of being unique, so long as
you don't use dd to copy filesystems around.  (And if you do use dd to
clone a filesystem, you should use the command "tune2fs -U random
/dev/hdXXX" to set a new random UUID for the copy of the filesystem.)

The advantage of useing LABEL or UUID in /etc/fstab is that his way,
you don't get screwed when a scsi or ide controller is removed, and
the device names get renumbered.

					- Ted

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