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Re: ext2/ext3 directory handling

On Sun, 2003-05-18 at 17:01, Michael Harris wrote:
> Compressing the directory entry with
>  	mkdir new
>  	cp old/* new/
>  	rm -rf old
>  	mv old new
> definitely improves things, but generally when there gets to be more than 200k files
> we have to roll over to a new directory to keep things moving.

The process above will rebuild the directory *and* copy all the content
- with possible effects on the disk layout for entries within that
directory etc.

Whats the effect of instead doing:-
	mkdir new
	mv old/* new/
	rmdir new

which will sort/compress the directory but not affect the content (or
alternatively you could ln all the files into place - which might be
less confusing for anything looking at those directories at the time).

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