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Re: Assertion failure in journal_flush()


On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 18:12, Chris Wilson wrote:

> The first time we saw this problem, we were able to make it disappear by 
> swapping the CompactFlash modules, so I put it down to a hardware problem.
> Now I've seen it happen again, so I thought I'd better report it as a 
> possible kernel bug anyway. This time the oops trace is different, even 
> though the result is the same; full ksymoops output is attached.

The ksymoops decoding is inaccurate: it is complaining that the
System.map you are using for decoding doesn't match the kernel, and the
backtrace is mangled.  Also, the kernel name "2.4.20-FW20" doesn't mean
much to me --- I can't tell what base of ext3 this is based on.  

Would it be possible for you to decode with a valid system map and
describe the kernel version a bit more clearly, please?  That would help
narrow this down.  The code for syncing the fs to disk on
umount/readonly changed significantly recently, so it's important to
know just which version I'm looking for.


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