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Re: Priority list [was Re: Directory size expansion and contraction in ext3]

> > Ted,Stephen
> > 
> > Would it be possible for you to elaborate what is currently on the 
> > priority list for ext3. 
> Stuff I'm doing right now includes reviewing the EA/ACL stuff for ext3
> on 2.4, and working on fixing up O_DIRECT so that it's both (a) correct,
> and (b) actually usable on ext3 for real work.
> Getting 2.5's lock contention stuff fixed is another big one, as is
> major stress-testing of the Orlov/htree code.
> > Maybe Stephen's got some other performance/feature work lined up.
> Longer term, definitely.  Ted has already started looking at alternative
> on-disk allocation policies for metadata, and we both want to get extent
> maps with 64-bit block pointers working.
> Cheers,
>  Stephen

Stephen, Ted.

Any possibility of providing some form of an ext3 "State of the Onion"
type email now that 2.6 is supposed to be very close to completion

Regards, Yusuf

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