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Journaled ext3 file system crashed

I fsck'd it and it seems to be in pretty good shape.  This is 2.4.18 - RH9.
This machine can't handle file system problems.  It has to stay RH9 but I
could back out the journalling.  

The machine is only 3 months old.  I don't think it's a hardware issue.  No
error messages and the symptom (aside from being unusable) was I/O error
seeking <different blocks>.  The fsck unloaded the journal (about 6 entries
for the tomcat user on /home and about a dozen for root on /usr) and a later
preen seemed to take a long time on those partitions.  I don't see that I
lost anything although the databases aren't coming up.  

Thoughts?  similar experiences?

I'd like to know what else I could do to both find the problem source and to
make sure I lose as little as possible when recovering.

I used e2image -r and ran the fsck on it to make sure I knew what it was
going to do.  But I don't know anything really about the problem area.  What
else would be a good thing to try?

Dana Bourgeois

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