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chattr +j ==> Oops

[sent this to ext2-devel but haven't seen any other traffic there, so
cc-ing it here]

[Last week] while configuring a new box I came across a site suggesting:

chattr -R -S +j +A /var/spool/postifx

to improve postfix's speed on ext3, in lieu of mounting a separate fs
there w/ data=journal.

So I tried it.  Both on the new box (2.4.21-7um) and on my laptop
(about three csets shy of the v2.6.0-test6 tag).

Both bombed out in the journal.  

My uml provider forwarded this from the uml console:

Assertion failure in journal_revoke() at revoke.c:329: 
"!(__builtin_constant_p(BH_Revoked) ? 
constant_test_bit((BH_Revoked),(&bh->b_state)) : 
Kernel panic: kernel BUG at revoke.c:329!

I was able to use dmesg(1) to see the prink() the laptop generated
but was unable to copy it down.  It did reference journal... and
var was remounted ro, so I presume it is a similar issue.

I thought the earlier issues with data != ordered were corrected?

Do known issues remain, or is this something new?


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