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ordered vs full journaling mode


I was trying to list problems with ordered journaling mode that
are not present in the full (data=journal) journaling mode. Please
letme know if this is incorrect:

Assume that the following sequence of events take place:

1. an already existing file A is deleted
2. new file B is created
3. blocks of A are allocated to B
4. blocks of B are written
5. inode of A & B are updated

In ordered data journaling mode, if the system crashes after writing
the blocks of B but before updating the metadata of A (that is,
between steps 4 and 5), then A might see spurious data. However this
problem cannot happen if we have a full journaling mode.

Is the above example correct ? If not, could you please give me a
situation where ordered data journaling mode will not give as much
reliability as the full journaling mode ?


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