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I have a system that has a sporadic problem, and I can't seem to find any
info on Google about it.  

I am running a variant of 2.4.9-34.  A certain process is locking access to
a filesystem, so that any subsequent access to it hangs the shell.  I'm

#ps xwo pid,command,wchan |grep inode
21062 <program name> wait_on_inode

Looking at the source code, I can see that the inode attribute I_LOCK is
getting set, but for some reason is not being cleared.  At the very least,
I'd like to know *which* inode is being locked so I can narrow the problem
down to an application developed internally and a third-party database.
I've tried debugfs and lde, but I can't get either to indicate a locked
inode.  I also used a kernel patch from Bill Hawes from '98 to dump inode
info, but it oopses, probably due to it being 5 years out of date

Does anyone have a handy utility/patch that can help pinpoint the errant


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