PROBLEM: log abort over RAID5

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corsetti Dutra leandro at
Thu Apr 1 00:06:36 UTC 2004

Em Wed, 31 Mar 2004 12:12:01 +0100, Stephen C. Tweedie escreveu:

> A _full_ checklist would include every piece of hardware in your machine,
> and every module you've got compiled or loaded into the kernel, plus a ton
> of privileged applications such as X.

	So you mean it is basically impossible, and I have to wait
until more people get ext3-on-RAID5 journal aborts, including a few

	OK, so I've just gone back to 2.4 and will stay there for the
foreseeable future.

> I've been seeing some reports on raid5, yes.  Current kernels look OK in
> the main for most people, though there are still the occasional problems
> being discovered: such is 2.6.  Nothing springs to mind that particularly
> matches your own symptoms, though.

	This was just from the linux-kernel and linux-raid archives.
When I did Google around, I found some other similar ones...

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