Question about EXT3 error messages in /var/log/messages

Cecchi, Gianluca gianluca.cecchi at
Thu Apr 15 06:51:25 UTC 2004

>Also, I'm not sure exactly how to directly get the directory name for an
>inode, but you can list the contents of that directory, and go from

If the inode table is not corrupted, even if it may be time consuming, 
you can use the -inum switch of find comand, for each file system involved.

gcecchi at pc-gcecchi:~$ ll -lid /home/gcecchi
776220 drwx------  73 gcecchi users 4096 Apr 15 08:37 /home/gcecchi/

gcecchi at pc-gcecchi:/tmp# find /home -inum 776220


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