Strange Fedora Booting problem: can not mount "LABEL=*"partitions

Guolin Cheng guolin at
Thu Apr 15 17:50:03 UTC 2004

Hi, Stephen and Jeff,

 Thanks. But the problem got debugged&fixed, the answer was post on
fedora-list about 2 weeks ago. 

The problem is: the /etc/ file works as an old unappropriate
disk partitions cache for fsck|blkid commands when stystem image is
installed to a different arch (scsi->ide) machine, the old cache will
mislead fsck|blkid at the first run and only the first run, since the
first run will update /etc/ file. 

As you know, systemimager and similar methods use a single system image
to clone hundreds of, or thousands of machines very quickly and
reliablely, but this time for Fedora, the /etc/ should be
cleared off any existing old disk partitions cache when the
source&destination machines have different types of hard disks.

So, another solution, maybe a better solution, is to patch the e2fsprogs
package, so that the blkid* library routines will ignore the cache
contents in /etc/, just exactly like the existing "blkid -c
/dev/null" does.  

--Guolin Cheng

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On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 07:36, Guolin Cheng wrote:

>  FC1 stops on partitions "LABEL=/var" on two machines, stops on
> partition "LABEL=/" on the 3rd machine. 

When it "stops", what error does it show?

> While the default|upgraded NTPL kernel (with SMP problem) boots
> without a glitch, my vanilla 2.4.25 kernel plus libata patch
> 2.4.25-libata8 fails with the above symptoms described.

What happens without the libata patch?

>  The solution to fix it is:  manually run "e2fsck -y -f  /dev/hd?,
> tune2fs -j /dev/hd?; e2label /dev/hd? <LABEL>" again even there is no
> problem with file system, journal node and ext2 label, then reboot. 

Very very odd --- that really helps, every time?


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