Strange Fedora Booting problem: can not mount "LABEL=*"partitions

Guolin Cheng guolin at
Tue Apr 20 00:03:25 UTC 2004

Hi, Theodore,


 Thanks for your tests. But I got the problem and got it FIXED by
flushing out the contents of /etc/ before cloned clients


 I'm using the e2fsprogs-1.34-1 comes with Fedora Core 1. root 135% rpm -qf /sbin/fsck

e2fsprogs-1.34-1 root 136%


 and the original contents in /etc/ are attaching below, while
my cloned machine is in fact, a PATA IDE machine. All the /dev/sd*
should be /dev/hd* instead. Thanks. root 168% cat

<device DEVNO="0x0806" TIME="1079722753" TYPE="swap">/dev/sda6</device>

<device DEVNO="0x0807" TIME="1079722753" TYPE="swap">/dev/sda7</device>

<device DEVNO="0x0808" TIME="1079722753" TYPE="swap">/dev/sda8</device>

<device DEVNO="0x080a" TIME="1079722753" LABEL="/var"
UUID="a4e5efd0-a648-472d-a70d-737461f2acf6" SEC_TYPE="ext3"

<device DEVNO="0x0811" TIME="1079722753" LABEL="/1"
UUID="9b90d679-275e-4656-916f-21ce963677e7" SEC_TYPE="ext3"

<device DEVNO="0x2201" TIME="1079658729" LABEL="/1"
UUID="9b90d679-275e-4656-916f-21ce963677e7" SEC_TYPE="ext3"

<device DEVNO="0x2106" TIME="1079658729" TYPE="swap">/dev/hde6</device>

<device DEVNO="0x2107" TIME="1079658729" TYPE="swap">/dev/hde7</device>

<device DEVNO="0x2108" TIME="1079658729" TYPE="swap">/dev/hde8</device>

<device DEVNO="0x210a" TIME="1079658729" LABEL="/var"
UUID="a4e5efd0-a648-472d-a70d-737461f2acf6" SEC_TYPE="ext3"

<device DEVNO="0x0801" TIME="1079722753" LABEL="/"
UUID="a3866268-8cf6-4b88-b3d9-e9623a1763a4" SEC_TYPE="ext3"

<device DEVNO="0x0805" TIME="1079722753" LABEL="/usr"
UUID="6ae04a60-5e15-44d7-a009-dca14f2ad01b" SEC_TYPE="ext3"

<device DEVNO="0x0809" TIME="1079722753" LABEL="/alexa"
UUID="06009234-95d5-4088-87c0-5bde8470a8ba" SEC_TYPE="ext3"

<device DEVNO="0x080b" TIME="1079722753" LABEL="/0"
UUID="655e3381-7157-463e-aaed-fe45a9617e79" SEC_TYPE="ext3"

<device DEVNO="0x0821" TIME="1079722753" LABEL="/2"
UUID="b0971594-1529-406a-b969-278d4f770cb3" SEC_TYPE="ext3"

<device DEVNO="0x0831" TIME="1079722753" LABEL="/3"
UUID="46eaafeb-0fb7-4647-91e1-c9fe9a1374a7" SEC_TYPE="ext3"
TYPE="ext2">/dev/sdd1</device> root 169%




--Guolin Cheng




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On Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 10:50:03AM -0700, Guolin Cheng wrote:


>  Thanks. But the problem got debugged&fixed, the answer was post on

> fedora-list about 2 weeks ago. 


> The problem is: the /etc/ file works as an old unappropriate

> disk partitions cache for fsck|blkid commands when stystem image is

> installed to a different arch (scsi->ide) machine, the old cache will

> mislead fsck|blkid at the first run and only the first run, since the

> first run will update /etc/ file. 


What version of e2fsprogs were you testing with?  I've just tested

using the latest version of e2fsprogs, and it works just fine.  In the

test below, I corrupt /etc/ by swapping /dev/hda and

/dev/hdc.  This might correspond with might happen after disks get

switched around.  I run fsck in debugging mode to make sure it gets

the correct devices, despite the corrupted /etc/ file.  As

you can see, it works fine:


# sed -e 's/hda/hdz/g' -e 's/hdc/hda/g' -e 's/hdz/hdc/' -e
's/0x03/0xf3/' -e s'/0x16/0x03/' -e 's/0xf3/0x16/' /etc/  >


# cp /tmp/ /etc/


# fsck -AVN -a

fsck 1.35 (28-Feb-2004)

Checking all file systems.

[/sbin/fsck.ext3 (1) -- /] fsck.ext3 -a /dev/hda1

[/sbin/fsck.ext3 (1) -- /usr] fsck.ext3 -a /dev/hda3

[/sbin/fsck.ext3 (1) -- /debian] fsck.ext3 -a /dev/hda5


# e2label /dev/hda1



# e2label /dev/hda3



# e2label /dev/hda5



The only thing I can think of is that you might have been using an

older version of e2fsprogs that was buggy....


                                    - Ted

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