Increase size of ext3 filesystem WHILE MOUNTED

Jacques Duplessis jacques.duplessis at
Tue Dec 7 23:53:18 UTC 2004

    We will have to go and use SuSE (30 servers) just because ext3
filesystem cannot be increase while the filesystem is mounted.
    I Don't understand why RedHat do not support filesystems that can do
thing that ext3 cannot do.
    When is RedHat going to understand that in a production environnement
(30 servers that is seems will be SuSE) we need extend filesystem online.
    IBM JS, Reiserfs and XFS Filsystems will allow user to extend their
filesystems without unmounting them (When they are in a Volume Group - LVM).
    I would have liked to go with RedHat, but they do not give me the
    They stick to ext3 (refuse to support any others filesystems) while SuSE
(An American Company now) support ext3,reiserfs,JFS and XFS.
    SuSE offer 4 supported filesystems, while RedHat offer 1 (supported)
filesystems and on top off that  we cannot increase them online !
    RedHat will have to review their marketing technique or they will loose
some important market to SuSE, the other big American Linux company.
Jacques Duplessis
jacques.duplessis at
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