AW: Problem with more than 1T B

Christian evilninja at
Wed Dec 8 17:10:51 UTC 2004

boy, if you really care about your problem, *USE* ext3-users:
 > oh, and please respond on-list, perhaps other ppl are curious
 > about some details too ;)


Tobias Amon schrieb:
> Hi,
> I use e2fsprogs version 1.5.2 (I think)  exists, latest version is 1.35.

> I got another solution. Yast, which came with Suse
> is not able to create partitions larger than 2 TB
> the "parted" tool can do so.

this doesn't make any sense. when using "mkfs.*", you are supposed to 
already *have* created such a large partition. once this is done, you 
can format it.

> So I have to make partitions manually and format them with "mke2fs"

man mkfs.ext3.

hoping not to feed the troll,

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