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Andreas Dilger adilger at
Wed Dec 8 19:20:23 UTC 2004

On Dec 08, 2004  18:10 +0100, Christian wrote:
> Tobias Amon schrieb:
> >I use e2fsprogs version 1.5.2 (I think)
>  exists, latest version is 1.35.
> >I got another solution. Yast, which came with Suse
> >is not able to create partitions larger than 2 TB
> >the "parted" tool can do so.

So this is entirely a problem with Yast, and not mke2fs/e2fsprogs.
Please ask SuSE about that.

When you do create such a large filesystem, it would be sensible to test
it once first by creating some large files in the fs (enough to fill it
up, either many small ones or fewer large ones) that have a verifiable
data pattern in them, like "64-bit byte_offset:32-bit inum" at the start
of each 4kB block.  Then read back the files and verify the data is still
correct.  If this fails, try the same thing on the raw block device to
check if it can write data > 2TB at the correct offsets.

The reason I ask is that I'm personally not 100% convinced that larger
than 2TB filesystems are working properly yet.  One of our customers was
testing with a ~4TB filesystem and they experienced data corruption when
writing > 2TB of data.  Since it was only for a demo we just went with
mutliple 2TB filesystems and have not had an opportunity to determine
if the problem was in MD RAID or ext3.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger   

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