Increase size of ext3 filesystem WHILE MOUNTED

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Thu Dec 9 09:01:13 UTC 2004

On Dec 08, 2004  21:42 -0500, Jacques Duplessis wrote:
>  Thank You Good news at last !
> Do you know if we can get it to work on Enterprise 3.0 ?

There is an ext3 patch for older 2.4 kernels (maybe 2.4.19 is the most
recent one at sourceforge, URL below though I can't seem to access SF
right now), but I'd have a hard time believing it would apply without
any tweaking to an RH kernel.  That said, the "technology" for doing ext3
online resizing hasn't changed very much for years so it wouldn't surprise
me if you could take the 2.6 patch and apply it to a 2.4.21-rhel kernel
with only minor fixing.  You won't get RH support for same, but it will
probably work.

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> On Dec 07, 2004  18:53 -0500, Jacques Duplessis wrote:
> >     We will have to go and use SuSE (30 servers) just because ext3 
> > filesystem cannot be increase while the filesystem is mounted.
> Ironically, ext3 online resizing was added to the vanilla kernel on Oct 29
> for 2.6.9, and has been in FC2 for a while before that.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger   

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