Problem: FC3 anaconda load kernel sata modules in wrong order

Guolin Cheng guolin at
Fri Dec 10 21:49:10 UTC 2004


  I encounter a problem to install FC3 on one of our machine, the
machine has two SATA hard drives connected directly to motherboard which
will use the ata_piix kernel module, and two other SATA hard drives
connected through a Promise SATA card which is driven by sata_promise
kernel module.

  The problem is: FC3 anaconda loads sata_promise module before ata_piix
module by default, and this lead to the fact that sda and sdb are
assigned to two hard drives connected on Promise card, then after
machine successfully installed, a reboot it fails and reports "no
operation system found" error. Because machines will boot from hard
drives connected directly to motherboard (set in BIOS), it can not boot
from drives connected to a Promise SATA PCI card.

  Anyone know if it is possible to specify the kernel module loading
sequence for anaconda during initial installation stage? 


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