Maximum ext3 file system size ??

Guolin Cheng guolin at
Mon Dec 6 22:54:35 UTC 2004


 If the ext3 file system maximum size updated or it is still 4TB for
2.6.* kernel?  The site at says that it
is 4TB yet, but I would like to know if it is possible to create and use
stable & easy-to-fix (or at least as stable & easy-to-fix as ext3) file
systems as big as 100TB for 32 bit Linux architecture?

 Any experience and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


 Q: What is the largest possible size of an ext3 filesystem and of files
on ext3?
inspired by Andreas Dilger, suggested by Christian Kujau: 
Ext3 can support files up to 1TB. With a 2.4 kernel the filesystem size
is limited by the maximal block device size, which is 2TB. In 2.6 the
maximum (32-bit CPU) limit is of block devices is 16TB, but ext3
supports only up to 4TB. 

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