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RAID 0 Problems - resubmission as subsriber

Can some one help me with a ext3 file sys problem??

I have a raid 0 array that was not shut down properly due to bad contacts in a removable drive bay.
It consists of two 80Gb drives.
I can create /dev/md0 ok.
but if fails during mount.

When I run: fsck -n /dev/md0
it reports the following:

fsck 1.32
e2fsck 1.32
SuperBlock has a bad ext3 journal (inode 8)
clear? no

fsck.ext2: illegal inode number while checking ext3 journal for /dev/md0

I guess my question is, will clearing the bad Inode ruin my chances of recovering this drive.

Also is anyone able to advise me on a very good source of information on the ext3 file system.
EG. Its layout on a physical disk. and how it works.
and also some sort of disk monitor for i386 red hat 9.

This array was originally running on a mandrake 8.2 system but that system caused segmentation faults when trying to run fsck. so they are now running under Red Hat 9.

If you require more info just let me know.
Your advise would be appreciated.
Adam Knight

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