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Corrupted journal on ext3 - improve e2fsck?

 Hi there,

 I started getting errors on one of my 2 drives, so I
got a warranty one. Then I made an exact copy of the
failing one onto the new one with dd, and swapped

 I ran fsck on all the affected partitions, and things
looked good. Then I started using the striped RAID
device (ext3) which had some minor data loss (mostly
under big files), and I got the problems with the
journal. The error I got was "journal block not found
at offset 7180". The device switched itself into
read-only mode. There were no read errors, just the
problems due to the fact that the copy of the
corrupted drive was slightly corrupted as well.

 I ran e2fsck, but of course it did not fix anything.
I encountered the problem a second time. After
googling, I figured I needed to recreate the journal.
So I used (tune2fs, e2fsck, tune2fs) sequence to
remove the journal and then add it. Things appear to
work fine after that.

 Since tune2fs takes negligible time as opposed to
e2fsck, should not ext3->ext2->ext3 sequence be
included into the e2fsck call? That would take care of
the case of corrupted journal but good filesystem. At
least, when the failure was caused by the journal and
not the system itself ...


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