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Re: fs block level syncing

"Eric Wood" <eric interplas com> writes:

> From: "Paul Raines":
>> cause the whole file or directory structure to get recopied over a
> previous sync
> There is several rsync switch the with tell the receiving side to chunk the
> directories/files that no longer exist on the sending side:
> Check out tricks like:
> --delete
> --exclude '*logs/' --delete-excluded
> The rsync man page is very good.
>> mail spools, large files that simply get appended to get the whole file
>> recopied.
> Are you sure?  Only to changed bit and checksums should have moved over the
> wire.   Do a rsync on that individual file and echo off the stats.

rsync is not, to my knowledge, smart enough to detect renamed files
and directories and do an mv on the remote side, which is what my
reading of Mr Raines's messages suggests he would like to have happen.

Off the top of my head I was thinking that maybe you could do
something with lvm snapshots and dump, doing a restore on the remote
side, but I have no idea how practical and robust that would be.

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