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Re: Corrupted journal on ext3 - improve e2fsck?

Konstantin>  I started getting errors on one of my 2 drives, so I got
Konstantin> a warranty one. Then I made an exact copy of the failing
Konstantin> one onto the new one with dd, and swapped them.

How were these two disks setup, in a RAID0 stripe?  So you have one
filesystem spread across both disks, correct?   With the cost of disks
today, I'd strongly recommend that the only RAID you use is RAID1
(mirroring) or RAID5.  Don't strip across disks, because when one disk
fails, or starts to fail, you're in for a world of pain.  

I consider you lucky to have gotten back as much data as you did, but
I'd also worry that your remaining data is suspect, esp since fsck
just checks the meta-data of the filesystem, but does nothing to check
whether the data inside various files is actually any good.  So you
may have even more corruption hitting you down the line here, as you
access and check files.  

Just my two cents, from a man who runs a pair of mirrored 120gb HD for
his /home and /local volumes.

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