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Re: ext3 Overhead

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 09:38:07 -0500
"Eric Wood" <eric interplas com> wrote:

Hi Eric,

> Rob van Nieuwkerk wrote:
> >> http://sources.redhat.com/jffs2/
> >
> > A common mistake.
> > jffs2 is only useful with raw flashchips (so it can do
> > wear-levelling). On a CF (in IDE mode) you don't have any control
> > over what physical
> > flash blocks are used for what logical disk sectors (that's what the
> > CF takes care of itself).  jffs2 on CF does not make any sense.
> This looked interesting...
> Does that mean that jffs2 isn't a raw filesystem without going through IDE

Well, read the first sentence of the link you quoted ... :

    JFFS2 is a log-structured file system designed for use on flash
    devices in embedded systems. Rather than using a kind of translation
    layer on flash devices to emulate a normal hard drive, as is the
    case with older flash solutions, it places the filesystem directly
    on the flash chips.

> translation?  I don't understand what IDE has to do with CF.

A CF behaves just like a IDE disk on the outside.  It takes care of
block remapping & wear-levelling inside, completely transparent to the
outside user.

	Rob van Nieuwkerk

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