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Re: Corrupted journal on ext3 - improve e2fsck?

--- John Stoffel <stoffel lucent com> wrote:

> How were these two disks setup, in a RAID0 stripe? 
> So you have one
> filesystem spread across both disks, correct?   With
> the cost of disks
> today, I'd strongly recommend that the only RAID you
> use is RAID1
> (mirroring) or RAID5.  Don't strip across disks,
> because when one disk
> fails, or starts to fail, you're in for a world of
> pain.  

 Well, I have RAID1 on my /home and I keep the
important stuff there. This RAID0 volume was for
scratch purposes, so that it is fast and vast. I just
was not prepared to see a disk fail only a month after
I got it :-) But now I know better. The data there was
not that critical, I could have let it go ...
> I consider you lucky to have gotten back as much
> data as you did, but
> I'd also worry that your remaining data is suspect,
> esp since fsck
> just checks the meta-data of the filesystem, but
> does nothing to check
> whether the data inside various files is actually
> any good.  So you
> may have even more corruption hitting you down the
> line here, as you
> access and check files.  

 I did a check on the volume before I copied it via
"find '*' |xargs cat > /dev/null" or something like
that, and few files had unreadable sections, I took
note of them. The most frequently written sectors on
disk were failing over time, but in read-only mode the
drive appeared to be stable. Also, when I "dd"ed it to
a new drive, I got a list of bad sectors and I knew
the filesystems they were under. So I hope this
business is under control.

> Just my two cents, from a man who runs a pair of
> mirrored 120gb HD for
> his /home and /local volumes.

 It is still a trade-off. Is one prepared to do a bit
of work to recover volatile data, or should EVERYTHING
be mirrored? I guess since even minor recovery can
cost quite a bit of time, having total duplication can
be appropriate. On the other hand, there is a whole
bunch of other things which also take time for
recovery (like the OS going south), so where does one
draw the line?


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