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Re: Crashed filesystem - directory recovery


"Luigi Fabio" <lfabio_ext3users smiling-web com> wrote:

> Interestingly enough, in lost+found there is no trace of arch - or of 
> any of the 18xx files it contained. There is, however, a subdir of 
> arch - I have to wonder, it seems very curious that only that single 
> file out of 1800 managed to survive. I do get asked by fsck to clear 
> a few inodes with too many errors at the beginning - would answering 
> 'no' there help, perhaps?

If you already answered 'yes', than you have to recopy the image from the 
broken hard disk again, because saying 'yes' simply means to delete the 
inode. On the other hand: If the inodes management areas are in broken 
blocks, than they cannot be rescued at all. How important are the files? 
(There are companies, which are specialised on data rescue, which are 
able to do things, which you cannot - but it's expensive as everything 
needs to be done by hand ;-)

Regards, Bodo

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