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Re: ext3 Overhead

Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 13:01, christian braun ch abb com wrote:

Well, as I said my CF card does wear-levelling, so that's not to worry about. Still, as you said, there is a difference in the number of write accesses between ext2 and ext3... I just need to know in what region that difference is... is it 3 times... or 30 times... or 300... or even more?

For data, there's no difference --- unless you're in data=journal mode
--- except for the fact that ext3 usually starts flushing stuff to disk
earlier than ext2, which can mean that ext3 writes temporary data more
often than ext2.  For metadata, I'd expect ext3 is at most twice the
writes of ext2 in most circumstances, but it's not something I've ever

That can be configured to 30sec in the source too. Has the patch to make that a mount option made it into upstream?

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