Large File Copy to Large ext3 RAID5 Array Often Stalls

Calin Brabandt calinb at
Sat Jul 31 21:36:30 UTC 2004

Perhaps this IS a Samba problem.  I created a new directory structure on my
RAID5 array from the Linux console and move its contents of large files to
the new subdirectory.  Although I need to do more testing, the problem seem
to have vanished--at least when copying new files from my network Samba
clients to the new subdirectory.

Much of the subdirectory structure on the RAID5 array was originally created
using Windows Explorer on a Windows XP client by simply dragging and
dropping the subdirectory icons to the Samba share on the RAID5.  Could
Samba have screwed up this operation in a manner resulting in my symptoms?
I'd sure like to better understand the problem so I can avoid it in the



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