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Re: Anybody using a UMEM MM5415 NVRAM card for external journal on 2.6

Yusuf Goolamabbas wrote:
According to the help text in 2.6.7 config, it doesn't have a major number assigned so it chooses one dynamically. It suggests to use 'devfs' (which I thought was deprecated in 2.6.x) or look in /proc/devices.

I was wondering if anybody was using this card and what they were
doing to get round the major number moratorium

I'm not using it, but I'd use udev to create the device nodes (since I do use udev).

It's like devfs, only entirely in userspace.



The existing docs aren't all that great on it, but the second link
(Writing udev Rules) is helpful if you don't want to download and use
the LFS permissions and rules files, because you'll have to write some
of your own permissions and rules.

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