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Re: ext3 performance with hardware RAID5

Andreas Dilger wrote:
On Jul 14, 2004 13:56 +0100, Simon Oliver wrote:

I would also like to hear any suggestions on how I might further improve
file system performance or my test methodology.

You didn't specify the size of the external journal device.  In our
testing we found that having a larger journal (internal) made a large
difference in performance.  I believe that the external journal will
be the full size of the device (could be wrong of course) so it is
probably worthwhile to ensure that the external journal is the same
size as the internal journal (can be specified with "-J size=<mb>" for
an internal journal, and "mke2fs -s 4096 -O journal_dev /dev/sdb6 <blocks>"
for the external journal.

Well, actually, he did say - if you read the whole text of the email the mke2fs commands are included in the mail -

# external data log
mke2fs -v -s 4096 -O journal_dev /dev/sdb6
mkfs.ext3 -v -j -J device=/dev/sdb6 -O sparse_super -O dir_index -R stride=8
/dev/sda1 mount -t ext3 -o data=journal /dev/sda1 /mnt mkdir -m 777 /mnt/t
bonnie++ -u nobody:nobody -d /mnt/t -s 4g -m ss1 -n128:20000:16:512

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