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Re: Quota Support

On Wed, 2004-07-21 at 04:24 -0700, Ash wrote:

> I want to know the current status of Quota support on
> Ext3FS over the 2.6.7 kernels.
> I read something about potential deadlock
> issues/crashes with quotas on Ext3. How stable is the
> curent quota support (specifically on 2.6 kernels) ?

On a filesystem with about a million objects that belong to 300,000
different users, under I/O load of ca. 30 Mb/sec, system hangs after
several hours.  For me, that is.  Probably (?) you need to modify quota
to trigger this.

> Another thing, in the man page for mount, it says that
> "These options are accepted but ignored" for "grpquota
> / noquota / quota / usrquota" options under ext2. What
> does this signify ?

mount ignores these flags, just writes them into /etc/mtab and nothing
more.  The flags are actually used by quotaon and quotaoff.


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