mode data=journal in ext3. Is it safe to use?

Nicolas Kowalski Nicolas.Kowalski at
Wed Jun 16 18:34:47 UTC 2004

On Tue, 15 Jun 2004, Petter Larsen wrote:

> Hello


> Wee need to have a very consistent and integrity for our filesystem, and
> it would then be desired to journal both data and metadata.
> But if this mode can corrupt the filesystem as both Phil White and
> Nicolas Kowalski has experienced, it may be more advised to use mode
> data=ordered instead.

In my case, the filesystem on this (old, so perhaps with disks beginning
to fail) server was not corrupted. I only got some strange error
messages, which went away when I switched back the data mode to ordered,
as Phil White told me to try.

Best regards.


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