mode data=journal in ext3. Is it safe to use?

Petter Larsen pla at
Thu Jun 17 08:36:53 UTC 2004

> > 
> > Data integrity is much more important for us than speed.
> I ran ext3 with data=journal on 2.6.6smp for about a week on a heavily
> loaded system (I mean it).  I did not ever experience filesystem
> corruption (related to the fs code).  I did, however, hit complete
> system lockup once.  It *may* have been unrelated to the fs code.
> (If you use quota, it *will* lock.  The author is working on a fix.
> Above, I am referring to a lockup with quota off).
> Eugene

Good to here. But there may have been a lookup once because you are not
sure that the crash was unrelated to ext3 fs code?

Are you going to test it more?

We are not going to use quota, we are using ext3 on a compact flash disk
in an embedded device.

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