heavily fragmented file system.. How to defrag it on-line??

Guolin Cheng guolin at alexa.com
Thu Mar 4 02:36:10 UTC 2004

Hi, Andreas,

 Thanks for your quick respone.

>  Why do you think you need to defragment?  Do you notice performance loss, or
> is it just because of the e2fsck number?  Given that you have only 1225 files
> and 50GB of space usage it is almost guaranteed that each file will not be
> contiguous.

 Then How can I figure out whether the files are defragmented? Because the file system's 
read/write speed is greatly slow down ( about 8-10 times slower in extreme cases). 

 Can you suggest a tool|package to report file systems' defragment percentage? I tried a beta version
oodcmd tool which reports both block defragment percentage and inode defragment percentage, are those enough?
or there are still more defragment characteristics? I'm a little hesitate to use the commercial oodcmd tool
since it can only work when file systems are unmounted and idle.. sigh..

 --Guolin Cheng

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