Journal file location

Andreas Dilger adilger at
Thu Mar 4 03:01:53 UTC 2004

On Mar 03, 2004  20:24 -0600, Vijayan Prabhakaran wrote:
> Is there any way that one can change the location of the journal
> file when the file system is created ? For eg., instead of using inode# 7
> and the blocks at the beginning of the file system, I'd like to use an
> inode at a different cylinder group and some other set of blocks. Even if
> I'm allowed only to use one of the reserved inodes, is it possible to put
> the journal file somewhere in the "middle" of the file system rather than
> at the beginning ?

You can use any blocks in the filesystem, assuming you can set up a file as
you want it.  For example, if you allocate inodes until you get one in a
block group of your choice, then create a large enough file there and rename
it to "/.journal" in the root of that filesystem, umount, delete the old
journal, and then run e2fsck on the filesystem.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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