Desktop Filesystem Benchmarks in 2.6.3

Andi Kleen ak at
Wed Mar 3 02:39:26 UTC 2004

David Weinehall <david at> writes:

> On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 08:30:32PM -0500, Andrew Ho wrote:
> > XFS is the best filesystem.
> Well it'd better be, it's 10 times the size of ext3, 5 times the size of
> ReiserFS and 3.5 times the size of JFS.

I think your ext3 numbers are off, most likely you didn't include JBD. 

> And people say size doesn't matter.

A lot of this is actually optional features the other FS don't have,
like support for separate realtime volumes and compat code for old 
revisions, journaled quotas etc. I think you could
relatively easily do a "mini xfs" that would be a lot smaller. 

But on today's machines it's not really an issue anymore.


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