Desktop Filesystem Benchmarks in 2.6.3

Feizhou feizhou at
Wed Mar 3 02:48:39 UTC 2004

Andrew Ho wrote:

> XFS is the best filesystem.

Sorry, but saying/writing that does not make it so.

Different filesystems have their strengths and weaknesses and those are 
also different under different circumstances.

Where xfs may be fast given a number of factors, you will find that 
other filesystems will excel after a change or two in one or two of factors.

eg: Large directory hash in a fileserver.

You might find where nfs/smb clients = 8 then ext3 wins BIG time but 
where nfs/smb clients = 16 or higher, xfs excels and widens the gap with 
a ext3 based filesystem as the number of clients grows.

There is no perfect filesystem.

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