[Jfs-discussion] Re: Desktop Filesystem Benchmarks in 2.6.3

Pascal Gienger pascal.gienger at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Mar 4 14:37:47 UTC 2004

Quoting Felipe Alfaro Solana <felipe_alfaro at linuxmail.org>:

> But XFS easily breaks down due to media defects. Once ago I used
> XFS,
> but I lost all data on one of my volumes due to a bad block on my
> hard
> disk. XFS was unable to recover from the error, and the XFS recovery
> tools were unable to deal with the error.

1. How long ago is "Once ago"? Did you report that to the xfs
2. Speaking for servers, we live in a RAID and/or SAN-world. The media
error issue is a non-issue.

Just my $0.02,


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