[BULK] - Re: unexpected dirty buffer

Nicolas Kowalski Nicolas.Kowalski at imag.fr
Mon Mar 15 08:15:42 UTC 2004

Mike Fedyk <mfedyk at matchmail.com> writes:

> Nicolas Kowalski wrote:
>> Mike Fedyk <mfedyk at matchmail.com> writes:
>>>Nicolas Kowalski wrote:
>>>>I will try to reproduce these errors on a non-production server now.
>>>It might be good if you put a stack_dump() call just after the
>>>printk() call in the ext3 source.
>> I apologize, (I am not familiar with kernel debugging), but when
>> compiling the kernel with this call inserted after the printk in the
>> sources, it fails with an resolved symbol error. ...
>> fs/fs.o: In function `__jbd_unexpected_dirty_buffer':
>> fs/fs.o(.text+0x3ab8a): undefined reference to `stack_dump'
>> ...
>> I must be missing an option, but which one ?
> Oh crap.  It's called dump_stack().

Ok. I had another similar error this morning:

Unexpected dirty buffer encountered at do_get_write_access:618 (08:11 blocknr 920701)
dba1fddc dba1fe04 c017565e c03054a0 c0305483 c030373b 0000026a c03fc5e0 
       000e0c7d d1072580 dba1fe4c c016f76b c030373b 0000026a d34f1d80 d1072580 
       df4c1e94 d34f1d80 c01701dd 00000000 00000000 00000003 df4c1e00 d3615430 
Call Trace:    [<c017565e>] [<c016f76b>] [<c01701dd>] [<c016fc10>] [<c0167c88>]
  [<c0167c4e>] [<c0167e21>] [<c0167c74>] [<c012f67a>] [<c012fb14>] [<c01657e2>]
  [<c013c807>] [<c0108be3>]

ksymoops gives me:

Trace; c017565e <__jbd_unexpected_dirty_buffer+3a/74>
Trace; c016f76b <do_get_write_access+10f/570>
Trace; c01701dd <journal_dirty_metadata+15d/188>
Trace; c016fc10 <journal_get_write_access+44/68>
Trace; c0167c88 <do_journal_get_write_access+14/58>
Trace; c0167c4e <walk_page_buffers+52/78>
Trace; c0167e21 <ext3_prepare_write+155/208>
Trace; c0167c74 <do_journal_get_write_access+0/58>
Trace; c012f67a <do_generic_file_write+226/408>
Trace; c012fb14 <generic_file_write+f4/10c>
Trace; c01657e2 <ext3_file_write+1e/9c>
Trace; c013c807 <sys_write+93/108>
Trace; c0108be3 <system_call+33/38>

Does this help ?


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