Megre ext3/ext2 partitions?

Bodo Thiesen bothie at
Mon Mar 15 21:53:40 UTC 2004

"Eric Wood" <eric at> wrote:

> Bodo Thiesen wrote:
>> Maybe the commercial/proprietary tool "Partition Magic"[1] is able to
>> do that, since they support ext2(3) and can merge fat & CO for years
>> already. 
> After corrupting two NTFS systems, Partition Magic is on my black list.

The FAT and EXT2 (and other) filesystem(s) are officially documented, NTFS 
is not. Maybe, PowerQuest didn't want to pay $$$^10 to Microshit to get 
the NTFS sources for their studies? BTW: Which version are you talking 
about? (Remembering the documentation, PowerQuest tells users to do a 
backup before using PartitionMagic ...)
Ehm, next thing: There are different NTFS versions around. Using an old 
Partition Magic version for a new NTFS parition may be a dumb idea, too.

In general I can say, that no operation I did on FAT partitions already 
destroyed any data. (Of course, FAT != NTFS, and both != EXT2 so maybe 
not of interest.)

Regards, Bodo

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