pathches? (was: Re: mke2fs -O dir_index save to use with kernel >=2.4.25 ?)

Gregor Zattler texmex at
Wed Mar 24 14:07:21 UTC 2004

Hi ext2/3 developers, 
hi Matt,
* Matt Bernstein <mb/ext3 at> [22. Mär. 2004]:
> >is it save to use ext2 / ext3 hashed b-trees feature with linux
> >kernel >= 2.4.25 ?
> I believe so, in that the kernel and your filesystem won't blow up!
> However, to reap the benefits of dir_index, you need to run Linux 2.6, or 
> a specially patched 2.4.

Are patches still neded in recent 2.4 kernels?  Where can I get

Thanks for your support,

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