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Ivan Ivanov ivandi at vamo.bg
Wed Mar 31 11:40:39 UTC 2004

I made some tests to see how ext3 reiserfs 3.6 and jfs survive disk errors.

The test is simple:
format a partition, copy the kernel source, unmount and and do ?dd
if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdd bs=512 count=100000 seek=30000? to simulate a
disk surface damage and then run fsck.

seek=30000 ? this must be the second half of journal in reiserfs and ext3,
for jfs I don't know


total data loss, can't mount, fsck didn't helps

doing ?reiserfsck ?rebuild-tree? moves all recovered data in lost+found,
but information is almost unusable

after ?fsck.ext3 -f -y? almost everything was usable, directory structure
was untouched, some files was moved in lost+found, but in general
everything was usable.

My opinion:
I can't use anything but ext2/3 in a system where there is no RAID ? 99%
of desktops and most of web and mail servers.


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