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Re: heavily fragmented file system.. How to defrag it on-line??

On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 03:01:35PM -0800, Guolin Cheng wrote:
>  I got machines running continuously for long time, but then the underlying ext3 file systems becomes quite heavily fragmented (94% non-contiguous).

Note that non-contiguous does not necessarily mean fragmented.  Files
that are larger than a block group will be non-contiguous by
definition.  On the other hand if you have more than one file
simultaneously being written to in a directory, then yes the files
will certainly get fragmented.

Are you a sufficient read-performance degredation?  If not, it may not
be worth bothering to defrag the filesystem.

>  Anyone have any ideas on defraging ext3 file systems on-line? Thanks a lot.

There rae no on-line defrag tools right now, sorry.

						- Ted

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