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Re: Megre ext3/ext2 partitions?

Ralf Hildebrandt <Ralf Hildebrandt charite de> wrote:

> * Manuel Ar?stegui Ramirez <manuaroste yahoo es>:
>>> Is it possible to merge two ext3/ext2 partitions
>>> into ONE ext3/ext2
>>> partition?
>> Maybe GnuParted allow you to do that, but i'm not sure
>> about it.
> I haven't seen that option, thus I ask if it is possible at all.
> I could probably remove the 2nd partition, and expand the first. But
> that requires a backup of the 2nd partition.

Maybe the commercial/proprietary tool "Partition Magic"[1] is able to do 
that, since they support ext2(3) and can merge fat & CO for years already. 
But I don't have recent versions of Partition Magic so I don't really 
know - ask them before purchasing that tool. But backing up before doing 
that is a good idea in any case ;-)

Regards, Bodo
[1] http://www.powerquest.com/partitionmagic/

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