EXT3 performance on Large (multi-TeraByte) RAID

M K maheshext3 at yahoo.com
Thu May 13 02:09:40 UTC 2004

Has anyone experienced a significant degradation in ext3 performance when using it on a Multi-TeraByte RAID? As part of an experimental setup, I hooked up three 300GB drives and made an EXT3 RAID5 out of them, using the entire space one each drive, and started throwing a large number of files in the size-range 3KB to 50 KB. Then, I deleted the raid, and created a new one, but this time, I used only 3 Gigs from each drive (a very small RAID compared to the earlier one). After repeating the same test, a huge improvement in performance was see - hence, the question : does ext3 performance degrade significantly as the file system size increases?
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