HELP! after power loss, system boots through mount of root fs then stalls

Adam Williams awilliam at
Thu May 27 01:36:16 UTC 2004

in rescue mode did you do e2fsck -c -y /dev/sdx#

Christopher Welton wrote:

>I run a RH 7.3 installation on a Compaq Proliant 6500 with dual pentium
>266Mhz processors, approx. 630MB ram and a hardware SMART-2DH RAID
>controller and array. All file systems are ext3. 
>The server has been in service for a couple of years now. From time to
>time we will lose power in our office or have another situtation that
>causes the server to lose power without a proper shutdown. We had such a
>situation today. 
>Usually the server reboots to runlevel 5 without a problem. However,
>today the server rebooted to the point in the boot process just after
>mounting the root filesystem. It then stalls indefinitely and does not
>continue to boot. 
>I used a recovery CD to boot into a rescue shell. Once there I
>successfully mounted all the partitions on all drives and examined the
>files successfully, so the data, filesystem and hardware all look good.
>The filesystems were mounted ext2, not ext3.
>At this point, my suspicions are that some portion of the kernel
>required for booting was damaged during the power-loss shutdown or that
>the ext3 journal was damaged in such a way as to block booting. 
>I need suggestions on possible causes of the problem and, better yet,
>possible solutions.
>I'm cross-posting this message on the RH 7.3 list.
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