Enlarge ext3 Logical Volume (Filesystem) in a volume group (LVM)

Pluton Jacques jacques.duplessis at videotron.ca
Fri Nov 19 01:00:49 UTC 2004

We have 4 environment on our Dev. Server (Acceptance, Test, Volume,
Each of them have 3 filesystems (/Acc/DBF, /Acc/ARChive, /Acc/App).
We need top have them separated so we control the space allocated and used
by our DBA and Developper.
We try to stick with the structure that we all have on all our 30 servers.
It is easier to maintain.
Only size of filesystems vary from system to system not a new name each time
we need more space.
Some scripts and some applications required to be on 1 filesystem only.
If you backup image of your server onto 1 main server, the same script is
used on all servers.
So the image is store on 1 filesystem, it would complicate things to have
let say 10 servers image in one filesystem and  12 in another.... 
One mount point that can grow make this sysadmin life easier and earlier at

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Jacques Duplessis <jacques.duplessis at videotron.ca> writes:

> Anybody know a way to enlarge a filesystem ext3 without having to 
> unmounted it, when they are still space left in the volume group (when 
> using LVM) ?
> I will be running large production linux system running Oracle. 
> I can't stop the database everytime I have to enlarge a filesystem.

Ext3 cannot do this (yet). But why don't you just create a new volume and
then let Oracle utilize this?

Per Andreas Buer

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