EXT3 + ACL + SAMBA problem

Sudheer Divakaran sudheer at svw.com
Tue Nov 23 05:24:48 UTC 2004


I 've setup a SAMBA server under ext3 file system which uses the  'ACL' 
package ( http://acl.bestbits.at/) for restricting users.  I've set 
'default' permission for some directories using 'setfacl'.  Everything 
works fine but, at times the default permission is not applied to newly 
created directories or files.   I think that SAMBA is innocent in this 
case (i.e., it is purely an ACL or EXT3 filesystem problem).  Because 
sometimes when I create directories by ssh-ing to the server, the same 
problem occurs.

Is this a bug of EXT3 filesystem?  Or Is there any workaround for this?


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