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Thu Sep 16 22:58:34 UTC 2004

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Vijayan Prabhakaran wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using linux 2.4.25 and I'm trying to change the wakeup interval of
> kupdate daemon. Is there a way to change that ?

i don't recall wether this is a sysctl or bootparam tune'able, perhaps you
can only alter the source. why do you want to do this at all?

> I once used 'update' tool for that. But that is not there in 2.4.25.
> Has it been removed ?

from the "update" package of debian/unstable:

Description: daemon to periodically flush filesystem buffers.
 The update daemon flushes the filesystem buffers at regular intervals.
 This version does not spawn a bdflush daemon, as this is now done by
 the kernel's kupdate thread.
 This package is not needed with Linux 2.2.8 and above.  If you do not
 plan to run a 2.0.x series kernel on this system, you can safely
 remove this package.  update may still be useful in sync mode (as opposed
 to flush mode) on more recent kernels for the extra paranoid.

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