short read while checking ext3 journal

Tom Cooper tcooper at
Mon Apr 11 17:59:12 UTC 2005

Similar results below.  Bummer.  Thanks for clarifying.

Andreas Dilger said:
> Sorry, that's my mistake for replying too quickly.
> 	debugfs -w -R "feature ^needs_recovery" /dev/hdb1
[root at marvin root]# debugfs -w -R "feature ^needs_recovery" /dev/hdb1
debugfs 1.32 (09-Nov-2002)
/dev/hdb1: Can't read an inode bitmap while reading inode bitmap
feature: Filesystem not open

[root at marvin root]# tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/hdb1
tune2fs 1.32 (09-Nov-2002)
The needs_recovery flag is set.  Please run e2fsck before clearing
the has_journal flag.

> but the message about not being able to read an inode bitmap is unrelated
> to this and probably a bad sign.
Consider that I'm quite ignorant about filesystem integrity - except to
say that I'm in favor of it.

When you say "a bad sign" should I take that to mean that my filesystem is
likely to be sufficiently lacking intergrity that additional time invested
may be fruitless?

I don't want to waste your time (yours individually or the lists'

Thanks again for the assistance.


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