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Re: Help needed to recover data from ext3 file system where mkfs was issued accidentally

[Disclaimer: I'm NOT an expert, and what I say might not be the best method.]

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005 kapil sampath wipro com wrote:

I connected my harddisk which had ext3 filesystem and some files
archived in it as slave device and issued "mkfs /dev/hdb2" accidentally.
Immediately I issued Ctrl C and stopped the process. But before that it
had deleted some 100 Blocks.

Ouch. :(

Before you do anything that will write to the drive, it might be a good idea to make a bitwise backup of the entire disk using dd. That way, if something screws it up worse, you can fall back to your current situation.

I am even unable to connect it as a slave device and mount it. The mount
is saying bad super block information.

Have you tried using alternate superblocks? Maybe one of the later ones hasn't been corrupted? Of course, you'd want to fsck using one of the later superblocks.

Please tell me how can I recover my data.

Assuming a fsck doesn't work, you're mostly screwed. You might try getting The Coroner's Toolkit, available from porcupine.org or fish.com. But expect to spend a LOT of time. It's unlikely your data is worth the effort.

This disk is containing important data.

Oh, that makes it easier.... since all important data is backed up. ;)

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